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SALT Outreach Coordinator and Registrar

Collegedale, Tennessee

Location: School of Religion

Hours: Full-time, hourly

Pay: $17.17 - $23.29/hr.

Job Summary: The SALT Outreach Coordinator and Registrar is responsible for planning the outreach of the SALT Program, assisting the director with programming and training, interviewing and advising students, and working with a host church. The SALT Program operates as part of the Pierson Institute of Evangelism and World Missions in the School of Religion at Southern Adventist University. It is run in partnership with It Is Written.

Duties and Responsibilities: Under the direction of the director of the SALT Program, the SALT Outreach Coordinator and Registrar is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Coordinate SALT students in their Bible work outreach including:

    • Personally mentoring and supervising students in the field.

    • Manage student mentors and meet weekly with them.

    • Assisting with SALT’s outreach training classes.

    • Assigning and managing all territory and interests.

    • Integrating students into the church’s outreach efforts.

  • Serve as administrative assistant to the SALT program director:

    • Includes weekly reporting to and meetings with the director.

    • Attend daily worships, SALT events, and retreats.

    • Provide student mentorship.

    • Perform administrative duties for the SALT program including event planning, and various office tasks as needed.

    • Plan for retreats for both current students and alumni.

    • Manage student office workers.

  • Teach SALT classes and provide training:

    • Teach SALT outreach training classes in the fall.

    • Teach at offsite training events.

  • Promote the SALT program and recruit students:

    • Manage social media platforms and produce content.

    • Arrange and plan for recruiting events and promotional activities.

    • Promote the SALT program on campus and recruit from existing students.

    • Work with SALT alumni to build a network of evangelistic outreach on both the campus and in the communities where they reside.

  • Act as registrar for the SALT program

    • Manage new student interests.

    • Interview students.

    • Offer program advisement.

    • Assist students with registration.

  • Assist with the overall SALT evangelism cycle in the SALT host church:

    • Assisting with and helping the SALT program director oversee the coordination of the October-November public evangelistic series, interest visitation, and student and member involvement.

    • Being involved in planning outreach at the host church, including attendance at the evangelism committee where needed.

  • Working with church Bible workers to train, inspire and equip church members for personal evangelism and Bible work (including potential member training classes, connecting members to Bible study interests, etc.)

    • Being an integral part of the local church program on each Sabbath.

    • Working with the host church personal ministries director to coordinate follow-up activities after the evangelistic meetings.

  • Assisting with other SALT training events outside the 4-month fall program, including the summer SALT intensive and weekend church trainings for It Is Written and others, as directed by the SALT program director.

    • Assisting with some SALT recruiting on campus as well as at churches, colporteur programs, schools and events.

  • Work in harmony with It Is Written, which serves as sponsor and partner of the SALT program.

    • Assist with It Is Written training events.

    • Provide support and SALT program promotion at partnership events.

  • Other duties as assigned by the SALT director.

Reporting: Primary reporting accountability will be to the director of the SALT Program Director and the Pierson Institute Executive Committee and Advisory Board. The Pierson Institute may also have projects that require team coordination with other Pierson Institute staff members. These should be approved by the director of the SALT Program.

Special Requirements: An expressed commitment to Jesus Christ and the teachings and mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and an SDA Church member in good and regular standing.

Education and Experience: At least six months of full-time Bible work/Bible work coordination experience. Previous completion of a four-month or longer evangelism training program.  Experience and competency in door-to-door work. Experience working with public evangelistic meetings is recommended. A masters’ degree is preferred.

Qualifications: Strong relational and leadership skills.  Ability to manage and organize logistical details. Ability to motivate and recruit students.  Ability to train and mentor others. Passion for both personal and public evangelism. Previous attendance of an Adventist university and familiarity with Adventist university campus life, opportunities, and challenges is recommended. Good public relations skills.  Oral, written, and audio-visual communication skills. Ability to operate computer software.

Typical Physical Demands: Requires sitting, standing, bending, and reaching. It may require lifting to 25 pounds. Requires manual dexterity sufficient to operate standard office machines such as computers and telephones.  Requires field work outside of the office which will necessitate driving and walking. Requires normal range of hearing and vision.

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