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Janitor - Cafeteria

Collegedale, Tennessee
Location: Food Service 
Hours: Part-Time, Hourly
Pay: $12.27 - $18.39
Schedule: Evenings

Job Summary: This position is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of all floors in the cafeteria, including production, storage areas, serving areas, bathrooms, and dishroom. This involves sweeping, mopping, and other relevant tasks needed to maintain these areas.
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Is responsible to see that all areas in Cafeteria are swept and mopped.
    • Bakery, Kitchen, Salad Area, Dishroom, etc.
    • Vegetable Prep Room, Serving Area, Upstairs Stockroom, Walk-in coolers
    • All Hallways including entrance and exit to serving areas
    • Cafeteria loading dock and truck ramp
  • Keeps the Janitor’s room organized and clean – including shelves and mop sink.
  • Makes sure all doors are locked and lights are off leaving.
  • Moves all equipment on wheels.
  • Completes extra cleaning, when time allows – including edges of baseboards and moving equipment.
  • Loads and bails the cardboard compactor.
  • Performs all other reasonably business-related functions assigned.
Special Requirements: Must have an expressed commitment to Jesus Christ, the teachings and mission of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, an SDA church member in good and regular standing, and a desire to serve in a cooperative, spiritually redemptive, and soul-winning atmosphere. Always practice confidentiality of information.
Qualifications:  Ability to communicate effectively. A self-starter who displays neatness, cleanliness, and organizational skills and has the ability to motivate others to do the same. Approachable, friendly, positive attitude, able to encourage others. Able to have a good rapport with employees, especially students.
Typical Physical Demands: Requires sitting, standing, bending, and reaching. May require lifting up to 50 pounds. (If over 40 pounds please ask for help) Requires manual dexterity sufficient to operate equipment pertaining to your job. Requires normal range of motion, hearing, and vision.

Working Conditions: Essential tasks are mostly performed under normal office/school conditions with little or no noticeable discomfort, the loading dock and ramp, although covered, are located on the exterior and will reflect outdoor conditions.  Work area is well lighted and ventilated.

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